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The Geotechnical instrumentation services covers geotechnical instruments and monitoring devices. With an experience of more than ten years, we are proud to establish that we are among the best to provide instrumentation solutions with maximum accuracy. We supply and install the full range of soil deformation, settlement, pressure and water level instruments for geotechnical monitoring purposes. Similarly, we also provide the full range of structural instrumentation to help engineers monitor structural deformation, movement, tilt, vibration, noise, strain and load. Instrumentation works involve the analysis of structure / ground conditions during the construction work to report any variation to the original condition. Installed equipment placed in the ground and on the existing structures and roads located around the construction site of the proposed development aid to monitor any change or any abrupt behaviour during the monitoring period of construction. In this process, data and information has to be periodically measured. Data integrity and periodic monitoring frequency is vital to the reliability of the report to serve its purpose of allowing construction works to be economically and safely built.

Apart from the above said services, we also provide our skills in geophysical survey as well as noise and vibration monitoring. Matrix Laboratories is also providing Pre and post construction condition survey Works of structures.